Focus and Scope

Tahdzib Al-Akhlaq: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam
 is focused on publishing original research articles, review articles from contributors, and current issues related to islamic education, islamic and religious studies, teaching and learning, character (akhlaq and ethics), and formal or non-formal education . The main objective of Tahdzib Al-Akhlaq: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam is to provide a platform for international scholars, academicians, and researchers to share contemporary thoughts in the fields of Qur'an Hadist, education, and teaching.

Tahdzib Al-Akhlaq: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam publishes research papers in all the fields of education, which includes:,

1. Qur'an and Hadith
2. Islamic Religious Education
3. Islamic Studies
4. Religious Studies
5. Character Education (Akhlaq, Moral, and Ethics)
6. Islamic Religious Education Curriculum
7. Islamic Religious Education Learning and Teaching (Models, Strategies, Methods, Design, Media, and Teaching Materials)
8. Islamic Religious Education Learning Evaluation
9. History of Islamic Education
10. Islamic Education Management
11. Philosophy of Islamic Education
12. Covers basic education (SD/MI, SMP/MTs), secondary education (SMA/SMK/MA), and higher education (University/PT), including formal and non-formal education pathways (Pesantren and Madrasah).