Focus and Scope


Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Statistics and Probability, and Mathematics Education :

  • Pure Mathematics, include analysis and applied analysis, algebra and applied algebra, logic, geometry, differential equations, dynamical system, fuzzy set, and fuzzy logic, etc. 
  • Graph and Combinatorics, include all areas in graph theory, combinatorics, number theory, coding theory, cryptography, etc. 
  • Applied Mathematics and Computation, include mathematical modeling (including but not limited to mathematical physics, mathematical biology, mathematical medicine), control theory and automation, optimization, operational research, neural network, data science, machine learning, etc. 
  • Statistics and Probability, include all areas in statistics and probability, finance mathematics, biostatistics, actuary, etc.  
  • Realistic Mathematics Education (RME). The journal receives the results of research on teaching and learning in RME-based mathematics education.
  • Design or Development Research in Mathematics Education. includes of validation studies or development studies in mathematics education, with a comprehensive description and analysis of each stage.
  • PISA Task. Authors can submit their articles on the evaluation of the education system by measuring the scholastic performance of school students about math, science, and students' reading activities as well as measuring their math literacy.
  • Mathematics Ability, includes the following abilities: reasoning, connection, communication, representation, and problem solving.