• Yuliatri Sastrawijaya Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Muhammad F Duskarnaen Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Hamidillah Ajie Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Hana Amanda Putri Universitas Islam Assyafiiyah
  • Khasanah Khasanah Universitas Islam Assyafiiyah
Keywords: Education, measurement, instrument, validity, reliability


Education is a learning effort for students with the intention of making people
more critical in thinking. Measurement is a scoring procedure for special attributes or
characteristics attached to a person associated with the attribute being measured. This
study aims to produce a computer network instrument that has been validated by three
lecturers, and has been validated and the differential power has been calculated with 200
student respondents and its reliability has been calculated. This research is an
experimental research, the subjects of the research are students of the Informatics and
Computer Engineering Education study program at Jakarta State University who are
taking computer network courses. Based on the results of the analysis of computer
network instruments for the category of material and face validity which were filled in by 3
lecturers, out of 50 items they were declared good and worthy of being tested on
students. In the next step, 200 students who had passed the Computer Networks course
were taken to be tested for validity to see the differentiability of the questions and the
level of difficulty of the questions, the result was that there were 7 (14%) items including
easy items with very good differentiating power, there were 38 items ( 76%) including
moderate grains, with good discriminating power, and there are 5 items including difficult
grains with sufficient discriminating power. The next step is that the results of the answers
of the 200 students who were tested calculated the reliability and obtained good results of
r = 0.82. From the results of this study, the finished instrument was given to students who
took the Computer Networks course as many as 70 people.


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SastrawijayaY., DuskarnaenM., AjieH., PutriH., & KhasanahK. (2022). INSTRUMEN JARINGAN KOMPUTER UNTUK MAHASISWA PENDIDIKAN INFORMATIKA FAKULTAS TEKNIK UNIVERSITAS NEGERI JAKARTA. Akademika : Jurnal Teknologi Pendidikan, 11(02), 341-349.