• Iffah Budiningsih
Keywords: Evaluatetion, Quality of Services, Library


The purpose of this evaluation study is to know the extent to which the quality of library service – UIA in
order to support the learning process for the students of the UIA's next get what information should be improved in
the manifest ' prima ' library services. The object of this research is a student is a student of Strata program S1 in 6
(six) faculty (FE, FAI, PEDAGOGY, FH, FST, FIKES) semester 7 (seven) FY 2015/2016 on The Islamic Syafi'iyah
University Jakarta (UIA); the number of samples of 84 students. Library service quality evaluation of variables
measured using instruments non test by questionnaire.
The Data collected is processed and analyzed using descriptive analysis , i.e., Using a central tendency:
size: mean, median, mode and size dispersion: score the minimum, maximum, standard deviation score. The
analysis of statistical data is done with the help of program Excels and 11.5 version SPSS for windows
The results of research on the quality evaluation of UIA library services can be explained that the average
(mean) library service quality score achieved score 59.67 included in categories of "enough". The value of the
median (middle value) score the quality of library services achieve a score 59.0; This gives a meaning that 50%
quality of library services show score above 59.0 or above reasonably and 50% of his show score under 59.0 under
enough. The value of the mode of 60.0; this indicates that the in General, students give an assessment of the quality
of library services "enough". The lowest score of the quality of service library of 42.0 and highest score achieved,
meaning there were 89.0 students who rated lowest 42.0 or "enough" and there are students who rated highest 89.0
or "excellent" ,
The conclusions of the research library service quality upon evaluative UIA is: 1). In general the quality of
library services UIA rated by students in the categories of ' enough '; 2) Assessment of the students in the categories
of ' enough ' giving opportunities to management library for working to improve the quality of its services for being
a requirement of ' good '; 3) Managing a library to become ' learning resource centre ' among the students and
teachers not only required UIA sufficient funds, but also required the managers ' creative and innovative ' in
accordance with the progress of the IPTEKS.