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Keywords: model of learning centers, learning discipline, math skills


This research aims to examine: 1). the difference between the results of the acquisition of
mathematical ability of students who that use of learning centers and the use of classical learning model 2).
The influence of the interactions between models of learning and learning discipline against the math skills of
students. 3). Difference tallies the results of the mathematical ability of students of high discipline 4). The
difference in obtaining the results of the math skills of students who have low discipline.
This research uses experimental methods, with a 2 x 2 factorial design. The target population is the
entire student group B Al-TKIT Izzah in Serang. Samples taken with purposive sampling technique based on
certain characteristics and traits, so that selected 30 students. Data capture techniques are analyzed using
descriptive analysis and inferential analysis in the form of two lines of ANAVA to test Hypotheses followed by
Tukey test. Testing statistical requirements covering testing normality with the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and
testing its homogeneity using Levene test. Results of the study showed that a third of the normal variable data
and homogeneous.
The research results showed that: 1). There is a value of a value of α = 0.05 sig then math skills
students’ use Learning Center model is superior to 2). There is a value of α = 0.05 sig means that there is
interaction a positive influence between the model of learning centers and learning of classical models with the
discipline of learning math ability against a. 3). There is a value Q calculate > 15.54. Q Table = 8.33 Means
math skills students use learning centers a disciplined learning high superior to 4). There is a value Q
calculate > 11.18 Q Table =. 8.33 Means math skills students use learning centers that discipline is superior
to the low learning in students with models of classical learning